Monday, January 18, 2010

SharePoint Team Launches New Site… In SharePoint

SharePoint has proudly announced the launch of a new site built (or rather re-built) in collaboration with Advaiya, Inc. on the SharePoint platform. The primary goal in creating the new look’n’feel of the website is naturally showcasing SharePoint as an independent Internet-based entity. The major foci of the now completed project are easy to follow. First of all, the primary aim of the site is to illustrate creating a team site within tight temporal and budgetary frameworks (that is mainly relying on out-of-the-box SharePoint components to cover all the necessary functionality features); moreover, distinctly traceable is Microsoft’s effort in forwarding Silverlight with a special emphasis on productively fusing it with SharePoint (the samples on the site include the hero bar and the main menu navigation control). Another clear message delivered in the announcement reads as follows: with a SharePoint site, content is easy to manage and no coding expertise is required (that includes such aspects as the content appearing on the hero bar, as well as SEO issues).
At the moment, the site can be accessed anonymously, with Passport/LiveID integration yet to follow. Detailed description, as usual, is to be found at the SharePoint Team’s official blog.

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